Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mothers Who Stop Smoking During Pregnancy Are Likely To Take Up The Habit Again

A new research concludes that mothers who stop smoking during pregnancy are most likely to start smoking soon after giving birth. The study was undertaken by enrolling 512 mothers and it became evident that out of the total number of mothers, 47 percent re-started smoking just within 6 weeks of delivering their babies.  
Researchers undertook the study by analysing data collected from throughout the UK and reached the conclusion that women living in poor urban areas are most likely to continue smoking again after quitting. These women have two or more kids and most of them have not breastfed their infants.
According to specific results obtained from the study, mothers who live with another smoking addicted individual are more prone to resume smoking.
The results derived from the study are made available in “Nicotine and Tobacco Research.”
According to Dr Anjum Memon, a senior public health lecturer at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, smoking relapse can trigger off harmful health results for both the mother and child and hence prevention of smoking relapse has emerged as an important health subject.
Source: , dated 5th December 2012

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