Sunday, December 16, 2012

3 Students Caught Smoking Marijuana at the IIM-Indore Campus

Three students from IIM-Indore were found smoking marijuana in a hostel room and when the management came to know about this, it immediately issued an order for the expulsion of these students. IIM-Indore sources disclose that a security guard of the institution saw that the students smoking marijuana from chillums at the hostel room and then he narrated this incident to the hostel warden. Thereafter, the rooms of the students were raided and when they were found smoking grass, the management took quick action to expel the students. 

When the director of IIM-Indore, N Ravichandran was contacted, he verified the news informing that the expulsion of the students was done on the basis of the suggestions by the disciplinary committee.
Source: The Times of India, dated 24th November 2012

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