Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ill-effects of Smoking

New Study Claims Smoking Can Damage Memory Power And Cause Brain Decay 
When Researchers from London`s King’s College undertook a analysis and brain tests of health and lifestyle data of a particular group of people aged over 50, they found out that the effects of smoking on the brain is more severe than obesity or high blood pressure. The results collected from the study led to the conclusion that smoking addiction causes significant harm to reasoning, learning or memory, resulting in decaying of the brain.
According to a BBC news report, the people participating in the study were made to undergo brain tests such as learning of new words or uttering the names of maximum number of animals in a single minute. The participants were again subjected to these tests after a period of four and then again for eight years. After thorough analysis and testing, the researchers discovered a link between low marks obtained in the tests and smoking addiction. 

Source: The Times of India, 27th November 2012 
Original Source: PTI  

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