Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cessation Of Smoking Before 40 Will Add 10 More Years To Life

A latest study reveals that if a woman quits smoking before 40, it will increase her lifespan by 10 years. This study was conducted to evaluate the dangers of smoking as well as the advantages of quit smoking for women and it also leads to the conclusion that women who turn to smoking are likely to lose 10 years of their lives but if they stop smoking before 40, it will help in reducing 90% risk of dying due to smoking. The study results make it apparent that quit smoking before 30 will help in preventing 97% chances of dying because of smoking-induced hazards.

Sir Richard Peto, the author of the study, states that male or female smokers who successfully quit smoking before middle ages are likely to gain 10 years` lifespan on an average.

This study appeared in Lancet, a British Medical Journal and is based on results derived from the Million Women Study.

The study author, Sir Richard Peto, formed association with a couple of medical researchers from India in 2008 and jointly wrote a study highlighting that throughout 2010s, increased smoking will trigger off the deaths of millions in India on a yearly basis.
Furthermore, according to Richard Peto, if men and women in India get rid of smoking addiction before reaching the age of 40 or before 40, it will help them get an additional life expectancy of 10 years. He adds that it is even better to cease smoking before this age. 

Source: The Times Of India, dated 27th October 2012

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