Saturday, June 8, 2013

East Dunbartonshire Smokers Advised To Quit Smoking and Save Money for Summer Holiday

According to a latest revelation, smokers located throughout the East Dunbartonshire area have been suggested to quit smoking and save enough money for their summer holiday. As an integral part of the Summer Saver campaign kick-started by Smokeline, a ‘holiday savings calculator’ is made available online to help smokers calculate the amount of money they can save by opting for quit smoking.
Smokeline undertook a new survey and found almost one third of smokers stating that they won’t be opting for a summer holiday this time due to the unavailability of sufficient cash. However, according to sources, if all 12,100 smokers living in East Dunbartonshire quit smoking, they will be able to put aside a whopping amount of £5.8million within a period of three months. This amount will be sufficient for setting off on a grand summer holiday.
Barrhead Travel is lending support to Smokeline’s Summer Saver campaign by making Quit Guides and posters available at its travel agencies.
Michael Matheson, the minister for public health, states that stop smoking is one of the most excellent things for boosting health. According to him, people fail to realize that they can save a huge amount of extra money just by quitting smoking.
The minister states that now it is time for people to start considering about their summer holidays or about visiting new places and spending time with friends and family.
Source:, Date:  4th April 2013


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