Saturday, June 22, 2013

University Health Center Gears Up To Help Students Quit Smoking

The University Health Center at James Madison University (JMU) has launched a Fresh Air initiative program which has plans to help students trigger off smoking cessation. The Fresh Air initiative program is panning to kick-start a support system for students who have decided to stop smoking and need assistance to achieve it.

Paige Hawkins, the program leader of Fresh Air states that the long-term objective is to make Fresh Air a stop smoking program on campus, which can fulfil the requirements of those students who are looking forward to stop smoking.   
The Fresh Air program is gearing up to organize focus groups throughout the university campus to help students who are addicted to smoking. The groups will talk about successful methods that can help smokers quit smoking. The feedback received by the groups will be used to execute the program in the future.                                                                                                

Hawkins reveals that the purpose is to inspect the environment at James Madison University and collect feedback from students.  He adds that the students should have that inner drive to change themselves.

Source:, Date: 25th April 2013


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