Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tobacco Free Florida, A Stop Smoking Program Run by Florida State, Helps People Quit Smoking

According to health officials in Florida, Tobacco Free Florida, a stop smoking program run by the state, has helped 72,000 smokers trigger off smoking cessation. The figures are obtained by taking into account the numbers of Floridians who, under the influence of this program, quit smoking since 2007. The impact of “Tobacco Free Florida” has been instrumental in transforming the State’s attitude towards smoking and saving personal healthcare expenditure worth $4.2 billion. Tobacco Free Florida is the result of consent by voters that ensured funding for this stop smoking program.
Sources reveal that the smallest percentage of adult smokers has been found in the Orange and Lake counties. Phone surveys carried out by the state Department of Health and supervised by the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” have found out that by the year 2010, the percentage of adult smokers in the Orange County had reduced from 14.6 percent to 13.3 percent. However, the percentage of adult smokers in Lake County had been decreased from 16.6 percent to 14.7 percent.
Tobacco Free Florida's 2012 annual report states that due to the impact of the program, now the State of Florida has 500,000 less smokers who belong to the adult category. The report also reveals that Florida has 70,000 less adolescent smokers and 220,000 fewer kids who have to bear the brunt of secondhand smoke.
Brenda Olsen, the chief operating officer of American Lung Association's Southeast area, reveals that the association is very satisfied with the impact of “Tobacco Free Florida's Three Ways to Quit" movement.    
Source:, Date: 24th April 2013

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