Monday, May 27, 2013

New Poll Finds That Ban on the Display of Tobacco Products Has Helped Smokers Quit Smoking

According to the results obtained from a recent survey, ban on the display of tobacco products introduced throughout England has helped smokers quit smoking.

The survey of 1000 current as well as 1000 former smokers was authorized by the health insurance company PruHealth. However, as soon as the survey came to a conclusion, it became apparent that the ban had helped 17 percent of smokers reduce smoking.  

Last year, on 6th April, supermarkets and other stores were banned from exhibiting cigarette packs to the public. The ban was introduced by the ministers throughout England to help in transforming the social customs and attitudes related to smoking. This move was also aimed at safeguarding young people who were made the target of tobacco endorsement. 

More than 25 percent former smokers aged in between 18-24 had stated that hiding the tobacco products had motivated them to stop smoking. Hence, the results obtained from the PruHealth survey have shown that ban on tobacco products indeed works.   

Emma Wrafter, director of The Deborah Hutton Campaign, the youth smoking prevention charity, reveals that tobacco products on display may influence youngsters and their friends to start smoking.
Source:, Date: 5th April 2013


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