Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Anti-tobacco Campaign Motivates Nunavut Smokers to Quit Smoking

The rate of smoking among the smokers in Nunavut was slightly reduced in between March and November 2012. However, according to the government of Nunavut, the reduction in smoking rates was due to the “Tobacco Has No Place Here” campaign. This five year campaign was kick-started by the government and it is now in the 2nd year.

The Nunavut government reveals that the decrease in smoking by smokers within March and November 2012 helped in saving more than $750,000. During last February, MLAs from Nunavut endorsed a hike in tobacco taxes in the legislature and it led to an increase in cigarette prices by $1.
Sources disclose that Nunavut smokers have also lowered their intake of chewing tobacco by around 800,000 grams. However, as per the disclosure by the government of Nunavut, 2.9-per cent reduction in the number of smokers, stand for more than 24,000 cigarette packs or above 600,000 cigarettes.
Keith Peterson, the minister of health and social services, states that lowering of tobacco intake and quit smoking by the people has shown that the tobacco reduction campaign has proved to be a successful one.
Source: nunatsiaqonline.ca, Date: 22nd March 2013

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