Monday, April 1, 2013

Fans Of Justin Bieber Resorts To Self-Harm To Make Him Quit Weed Smoking

According to a latest revelation, fans of the Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, are reportedly inflicting self-harm to make him stop weed smoking. The "Bieliebers" or the fans of Justin Bieber are hurting themselves and posting pictures of the act on Twitter.  

4Chan, the internet message board community, started distributing the pictures as jokes. Soon after, the hashtags #cuttingforbieber and #cutforbieber became exclusively popular as new trends on Twitter. The pictures highlighted a frightening facet and it was that the Justin Bieber fans are ready to go to any degree to make the singer quit weed smoking.  

Justin Bieber was first found smoking marijuana and the pictures were clicked at a party. Some of these pics showed Justin Bieber grasping at a smouldering blunt at a hotel room located in Newport Beach.  

In the pictures, the fans of Justin Bieber may not be injuring themselves or just forging it but some of the pictures showed that the harm done was real and not fake

Source:, Date:   10th January 2013 

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