Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fears of Ageing Incites People to Quit Smoking

 A new research makes it apparent that performance in bed, improvement of physical appearance and the capability to conceive are more powerful inducements for quit smoking. The online resource for stop smoking,, surveyed 2 000 of its members (including men and women in even proportions) and found out that for both males and females, reversing the sings of ageing was a chief incentive for stop smoking.
In the survey, around 40 percent of the women revealed that they had the fear that prolonged smoking would harm their skin and lead to premature ageing. However, according to the women, this motivated them to trigger off smoking cessation. Among the men, 55 percent admitted that they quit smoking to reverse the signs of ageing or to prevent themselves from appearing older than their age.
According to a spokesperson from, addiction to smoking may lead to the appearance of facial wrinkles. This is because smoking causes skin ageing by restricting blood flow and destroying protein. As a result, the skin becomes dry, wrinkled and tough.  

Source:, Date: 27th March 2013 

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