Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Study Reveals Weight Gain Resulting From Quit Smoking Does Not Nullify Heart Benefits

A new study concludes that weight gain due to stop smoking will not negate the quit smoking benefits gained by the heart. 
The study examined data obtained from 3,251 adult participants. On an average, the participants were 48 years old and did not exhibit any symptom of cardiovascular diseases at the beginning of the study. During the course of the study, it was seen that those who had stopped smoking, gained an average weight of six pounds in the four years after smoking cessation. It was also observed that the participants, who didn’t smoke, gained an average of three-pound weight in the same four years. 
A periodic physical assessment of the participants was also carried out and this showed that 631 cases of cardiovascular ailments had evolved within a period of 25-years. However, it was also observed that during that period, the percentage of people addicted to smoking, was reduced from 31 to 13 percent. 
The study led to the conclusion that in comparison to the people who continued to smoke cigarettes, those who stopped smoking were able to reduce the risk of cardiovascular ailments. However, the study also revealed that the people, who quit smoking, were able to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, irrespective of the amount of weight gained by them. 
The study was published in the 13th March issue of the “Journal of the American Medical Association.”

Source: washingtonpost.com, Date: 26th March 2013

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