Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ireland Spends More on Tobacco-Related Ailments than Quit Smoking Services

According to a specific revelation by Irish Heart Foundation (IHF), the state of Ireland spends huge amount of money on treating ailments caused by tobacco usage than on quit smoking services. The IHF discloses that the government of Ireland expends 100 times more money on tobacco-associated ailments than on stop smoking services.  

Statistics reveal that ailments resulting from tobacco use charge the state government up to €2 billion on a yearly basis. This can be divided into €2,000 for each and every smoker in Ireland. However, according to an estimation by the IHF, lesser than €15 million euro, i.e. around €15 per individual, is invested on helping Ireland’s one million smokers to stop smoking.  

Chris Macey, IHF`s Head of Advocacy, states that the Irish government needs to use more money and resources on stop smoking services and this would indeed help in cutting down on daily deaths triggered off by tobacco-associated ailments. Chris Macey adds that this would also help in decreasing the rate of 36,000 smokers, who are hospitalized every year for the treatment of tobacco-associated ailments. According to him, this would make it possible for the government to save a huge amount of money.  
Chris Macey states that a majority of smokers have the desire to stop smoking but they require support for that. According to him, stop smoking services in the country are erratic. He reveals that quit smoking services are good in some areas but ineffective in some other places.  
Source: thejournal.ie, Date: 13th February 2013 

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