Friday, January 25, 2013

NHS Getting Ready To Train Employers On How To Make Their Employees Quit Smoking

According to a recent disclosure, the Greater Glasgow team of the National Health Service (NHS) and Clyde’s smoking cessation and Health at Work teams are gearing up to welcome employers in a special event where they will be offered useful suggestions on how to make their employees stop smoking.  The teams will suggest various schemes to the employers that they can use and help their employees quit smoking.

The employers will gain the chance to take part in NHSGGS’s annual Quit and Win drive—that starts on the 13th March, which is a No Smoking Day and continues for a period of 12 weeks.
According to news sources, this opportunity is made available for all workplaces located in the Clyde and Greater Glasgow region. It is also known that after a period of every four weeks, a prize draw is organized for the participants who have successfully triggered off smoking cessation.  

Source:, Date:  18th December 2012

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