Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beware Guys! Smoking Addiction Can Enhance Death Risk Of HIV Patients

A study was carried out to evaluate the effect of smoking on HIV affected patients and it led to the conclusion that HIV patients who are addicted to smoking are increasingly likely to die than those who do not smoke.
Marie Helleberg, from the Department of Infectious Disease at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark, headed the study. The results derived from this study highlighted the urgent requirement of counselling and quit smoking programs to increase the life span of HIV patients.
The study was undertaken by observing 2,921 HIV positive patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy and 10,642 non-HIV positive controls for the year 1995-2010. However, the study results concluded that deaths due to all factors were considerably higher in smoking addicted individuals than those who were not addicted to smoking. According to the results obtained from the study, smokers had 3.7 times increased rate of mortality than non-smokers.    
The results of the study appeared in “Clinical Infectious Diseases.”  

According to estimates calculated from the study, a smoking addicted 35 year old individual suffering from HIV is likely to live for 62.6 years and the life expectancy of a non-smoking HIV patient is 78.4 years.   

The University of Copenhagen funded the study.
Source:, Date: 18th December 2012

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