Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fans Of Superstar Rajinikanth Gears Up To Stop Smoking

Soon after the Indian filmstar Rajinikanth advised his fans to quit smoking, a large number of his supporters started burning cigarette packets throughout the state of Tamil Nadu.  

According to news sources, actor addressed his fans on his 62nd birthday and urged them to stop smoking.   He told them that he used to smoke a lot and this took a toll on his health. Smoking damaged his lungs as well as his kidneys and he had to undergo treatment in Singapore. The actor also informed his fans that he started on medications to treat his health difficulties and as a result, he became weak.  Speaking to his fans, Rajinikanth told them that smoking had made him suffer from a range of health problems and hence he was asking them to quit smoking at the earliest.

Rajinikanth`s words prompted his fans to they started burning cigarette containers across Tamil Nadu.

Referring to Rajinikanth, one of his fans states that whatever he says is scared to all of them. The fan also adds that from now onwards they will not smoke a cigarette ever in their lives.

Source:, Date: 18th December 2012

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