Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Exercises Can Help Reduce Cigarette Intake

Adrian Taylor, a professor from the University of Exeter, carried out a study to find out how physical activity can be helpful for cutting down on cigarette intake. He undertook the study by enrolling 99 people from Devonport and Devonport. After a period of eight weeks, he found that around 20 percent of the smokers who got help from the services tried to quit smoking, in comparison to 6 percent who didn’t get any help.

As the study ended, it was seen that some of the participants increased physical activity more than others and it proved to be useful for smoking cessation.  

Now, several health services are considering physical activity as an effective help for smokers who are looking forward to quit smoking successfully.  
Source:thisisplymouth.co.uk, Date: 18th January 2013   

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