Monday, February 18, 2013

Woman from Blackburn Starts a New Quit Smoking Campaign

 Bobby-Jo Martin, a woman from Blackburn, is starting a new campaign to help smokers trigger off smoking cessation. She is 22 years old and is also a mother of two kids. According to her, she gained motivation to stop smoking when she became pregnant for the third time. Bobby-Jo Martin reveals that she quit smoking successfully and now wants to help others achieve that.  
The principal aim of this new stop smoking campaign is to tell existing smokers about real-life stories of people who got rid of smoking addiction and thus encourage them to kick the habit.  

Bobby-Jo Martin and her partner Sam Madden have become fully involved in the quit smoking campaign. This anti-smoking drive is to be launched throughout Lancashire very soon.  

The woman Bobby-Jo Martin adds that she didn’t want to continue smoking during pregnancy and inflict harm on her unborn child and two young kids. She tried to quit smoking earlier and this time, she and her partner Sam Madden quit smoking jointly.   

Source:, Date: 11th February 2013

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