Sunday, February 24, 2013

Renowned Oncologist Says That Cancer-Care Providers Should Motivate Patients to Stop Smoking

Dr. Bill Evans, a former oncologist and the regional vice-president of Cancer Care Ontario, states that it should be the main concern of cancer-care providers to motivate patients to stop smoking. According to Dr. Bill Evans, the quit smoking advantages for cancer patients are not especially known among oncologists or other cancer-care providers functioning within the oncology community.  

Dr. Bill Evans is the chairperson of Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) board which is looking forward to introduce quit smoking programs at several regional cancer centres. According to him, the principal responsibility of an oncologist is to treat the cancer and not essentially the complete individual, his habits or cravings.  

To add on, Dr.Evans makes it apparent oncologists and others who are operating in cancer-related programs, should reckon that the best care for cancer patients involve integrating the management of tobacco into cancer treatments.  

Moreover, Dr. Bill Evans reveals that cancer patients, who stop smoking after being identified with the disease, are likely to gain a range of benefits. These include a decreased risk of complications related to the healing of wounds, pulmonary problems and infections resulting from surgery.   He adds that stop smoking also lowers a patient’s chances of developing another form of cancer.
Source:, Date: 4th February 2013

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