Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ireland`s Health Minister Stresses On The Need To Quit Smoking

Soon after the report findings by Irish Cancer Society has revealed details on the rising cancer rate in underprivileged communities, James Reilly, the health minister of Ireland, is gearing up to teach people from low income categories about the hazards of smoking addiction.

James Reilly makes it apparent that the Irish Cancer Society report has discovered an increase in cancer rates due to smoking. So, according to him, to lower cancer rates, it is essential to teach people about the things that can facilitate cancer. 

According to James Reilly, teacher should take up active role and teach children that addiction to nicotine is capable of causing cancer. However, the Irish health Minister has stated that children should not keep this information to themselves but they should also pass on the knowledge to their parents. He adds that parents should ensure that they never lit cigarettes as this may influence their children also.

Reilly reveals that the society will soon formulate a five year plan to assist the influenced areas and induce alertness on the advantages of choosing a healthy lifestyle pattern.   

Source:, Date: 22nd January 2013

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