Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review Finds Licensed Medicines Effective For Smoking Cessation

A latest review of 267 studies involving 101,804 people has led to the conclusion that licensed quit smoking medicines are indeed effective for triggering off smoking cessation.   
A group of researchers carried out the review to study the success rates of quit smoking medicines in comparison to placebos. The researchers considered a participant to be successful in smoking cessation if he quit smoking for a period of six months or more.
However, as the review came to a close, the researchers discovered that all medications were successful in improving quit smoking chances for smokers. The participants taking varenicline (chantix) or a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) had twice or three times more chances of quitting.  Smokers opting for a single NRT or administering bupropion, were 80% more likely to quit smoking than those taking placebos.
The researchers found out that those smokers who administered only varenicline had 50% more chances of successful smoking cessation in comparison to patients taking any nicotine replacement therapy.  Also, the results were the same when compared to participants taking any combination of two nicotine replacement therapies.  
Kate Cahill, the lead researcher, states that the review offers powerful evidence to prove that the main therapies available for smoking cessation, namely, varenicline(chantix), bupropion and nicotine-replacement therapy can help people quit smoking successfully. 
The review was published in the Cochrane Library. 

Source:,  Date:  31st May 2013



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